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Documents needed when applying for water and electricity services?

  • Deed of sale/deed of transfer or lease agreement.
  • Copy of identity documents (e.g. valid passport or id) for both tenant and property owner.
  • Before the application form is processed the applicant will go through a credit check.
  • If leased premises, the application form should be co-signed by both owner and tenant. Otherwise the owner must provide a power of attorney to his/her representative to co-sign the application form on his/her behalf.
  • A deposit fee & connection fee is payable with each application
  • It is important to give correct contact details and addresses to which your account must be mailed

What are the requirements for disconnection of water and electricity?

  • Copy of identity document of the account holder,
  • Completed disconnection form co-signed by both owner and tenant.  Otherwise the owner must provide a power of attorney to his/her representative to co-sign the application form on his/her behalf.
  • Provide future contact details on the disconnection form.

What is required for upgrade or downgrade of an electricity meter size?

  • A form for the upgrade/downgrade should be completed.
  • Copy of identity document of property owner
  • A minimum fee will be from client. See tariff booklet on our website under useful links.

What are the requirements for converting to a prepayment meter/prepayment meter to conventional meter?

  • All municipal accounts should be paid up to date.
  • Copy of identity document of the property owner.
  • Application form should be completed and signed.
  • Payment will be required, the amount will be provided upon inquiry.

I have a prepayment meter but I am still being charged interims?

  • This means that the old electricity meter is not removed form our system yet.
  • The client must report this at our enquiry desk at their earliest convenience.
  • All estimations done on this meter will be credited on your account as soon as the meter has been removed from the system.

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Why am I receiving a zero balance account every month?
  • It could be the meter is not on the billing system yet.
  • It could be that the account is not deactivated on the system yet.
  • It is advised that the client inform our enquiry desk as soon as possible.

I paid my last statement balance before the new tenant/owner connected but I am still receiving a statement?

  • The payment done on the day of disconnection of your account did not include the final consumption up to the disconnection date.
  • A final reading on the disconnection date must be obtained and will be charged on the next statement as a final account.
  • The new client will only receive his/her statement from the date of connection, starting with the final readings of the previous client.

I have not received my statement, though I have provided my PO BOX / email address?

  • Verify the address on your statement whether it is correct
  • Sometimes we do receive mail from NamPost as "return to sender" but should you confirm that this is your address we mail statements every month.
  • Verify your email address, as some of the email can be processed incorrectly.
  • If sharing PO BOX, enquire from the others.

When does the municipality mail the statements, and when are the payments due?

  • Statements are mailed between the 24th- 26th of each month, and are payable on the 15th of the next month. If by the 5th of the month you didn’t receive your statement, kindly contact 2903320, 2902105, 2903043, 2902224

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How do you calculate interest?
  • Interest is calculated with 20% compounded per annum on overdue balance.

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Why are your queues always so long?
  • Most of our customers prefer to transact on pick dates instead of other days.
  • Clients prefer to pay at the main Cash Hall and not making use of other options available for payment.
  • Clients request duplicate statements instead of bringing along their mailed statements.

Telephones are not picked up and we are being transferred from one to another extension.

  • Most of our clients call 2902105, while we have other numbers provided for on the reversed side of the statement.
  • Relevant numbers to be phoned are provided for on the reverse side of the statement.
  • Unrelated enquiries will have to be transferred to the relevant extensions.
  • When the extension is on a hunting group, the call will be forwarded to the next extension if the extension phoned is busy or is not answered.

I found the water and electricity on, why should I apply for them?

  • Water & electricity are services made available to you by the City of Windhoek as a basic need and must therefore be paid.  It is not free of Charge. The City of Windhoek also buys these services and prepares it to be consumable and available to the citizens.
  • Even though the services where connected when you arrived, you still need to ensure that you apply for the consumption thereof.
  • It is illegal and a criminal offence to use services without following proper procedures.

Where should I go to apply for services?

Services can be applied for at any of the following offices:

  • Town House (head office)
  • Katutura Customer Care
  • Wanaheda Office
  • Soweto Office
  • Okuryangava Office
  • Khomasdal Office

Must I pay for a deposit and how much is it?

  • Deposit is payable with each new application, see tariff booklet for cost on the website.

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How long after connection can I expect my services to be connection?
  • According services regulations, services will be connected within 48 hours from the time of application.

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How long will it take before I receive the firs account after the date of connection?
  • Your statement will be mailed on the month following the month of connection.
  • Why should we pay for water and electricity basic and not only for what we have consumed.
  • It is very costly to get services up to your premises.  The municipality has incurred cost to lay pipes, which lead the services your place.  These pipes and wires must be maintained to be always in good conditions to prevent any leakage of services to your premises.

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What will happen when I fail to discontinue services when vacating the premises?
  • Council will hold you responsible for consumption until you discontinue your account. You have an agreement with Council until the agreement is formally discontinued.

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What will happen if the municipality find out that I have been consuming services without applying for connection?
  • The City of Windhoek will disconnect services for illegal consumption without notification and a fine will be issued.

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For what other services can I apply from this counter?
  • Relocation of meters,
  • Circuit breaker changes (Ampere size),
  • Enlargements of meter sizes
  • Meter test
  • Conversions to or from prepaid or conversional meters
  • Change of address
  • Application of E-mail statements

What other methods of statement delivery is available?

  • Emailing of statements
  • Faxing
  • Mailing

What numbers are available for telephone enquiries?

  • 2902723
  • 2902733
  • 2903145
  • 2903320
  • 2903043

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