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Tender PLA 02/2015

Tenders closing Friday, 18 September 2015

  1. Supply and delivery of joint cable boxes (Two yearly tender) - Supply and delivery of joint cable boxes, oil filled for 70 - 240 MM2 11 KV paper insulted  screened type underground cable. LJBC 4 X 750 or simiral. Tender.: M 22/15
  2. Supply and delivery of 150 mm2 and 185 mm2 x 3 core 11kv pilcdsta screen with non draining compound cables for the City of Windhoek. (Two yearly tender) Tender No.: M 26/15
  3. Supply and delivery of electric cables 50mm2 x4 Core, 6mm2 x 2 Core, 16 mm2 x 2 core, 16mm2 x 4 core (Yearly tender) the City of Windhoek Tender No.: M 38 / 15
  4. Supply and delivery of 300 x creosoted poles 9m 140mm - 160mm diameter transmission line poles. Supply and delivery of 300 x creosoted gum poles 9m 140 mm - 160mm diameter with 5 x 16mm holes in top part for overhead transmission lines. Tender.: M 42/15

Tenders closing Friday, 11 September 2015

  1. Rendering of professional cleansing services for Sports and Recreational facilities Tender No.: M 47/15
  2. Cleansing service service rendered for the remote offices for the parks division. (Cemetery section) (Five Yearly tender) Tender.: M 48 /15

Tenders closing Wednesday, 09 September 2015

  1. Tender Invitations Tender Invitation

Subscription for online tender service

The Online Tender Service is another commitment from the City of Windhoek, aiming at the provision of timely information to the suppliers on the product and service needs within the City. The purpose of information is to enable suppliers mapping out their supply strategies and mobilise the necessary resources at early stage. To read more - Download PDF

Who should subscribe?

All prospective tenderers

What is required to subscribe?

To complete a Subscription Form at the Customer Care Centre, Rev. Michael Scott Street, Windhoek pay N$ 250 pa.

What information do subscribers receive?

The following information will be provided by e-mail.

  • Tender invitations for all open tenders (including of informal tenders) in respect products or services as preferred by the subscriber.
  • Quarterly information on all existing contracts and their expiry dates.
  • Projections of annual inventory consumption on products as preferred by the subscriber.
  • Lists of all possible projects scheduled for a period of one accounting year.

What is the subscription period?

8th March 2013 to 07th March 2014. Any subscription after March will be accepted and the fee payable will be calculated on a pro rata basis.

Enquiries: Mrs. A.S.David
Tel: +264-(0) 61-290 2270
Fax +264-(0) 61-290 2331
E-mail: ase@windhoekcc.org.na

Contact person: Mr. S Maombokere
Tel: +264-(0) 61-290 2266

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