The museum is divided into three main sections, namely Minerals, Mines and Palaeontology. It exhibits a wealth of rock, mineral, meteorite and fossil specimens, and also features displays on mineral exploration, mining and the varied contributions of mining to modern day living. Some of the highlights in the museum include beautiful Namibian minerals and gems, iron meteorites of the Gibeon Meteorite Shower, applications of minerals and rocks in our daily lives, a series of displays depicting current and past mining activities in Namibia, the oldest fossil ape ever found south of the equator, Otavipithecus namibiensis, world famous 550-565 million year old Ediacaran fossils, which were the first multi-cellular animals, the marine reptile Mesosaurus, which lived 260 million years ago, specimens of mammal-like reptiles, like Kannemeyeria and Cynognathus, a huge fossil of Rauisuchus, an ancestor of modern crocodiles and a life-size replica of the prosauropod dinosaur, Massospondylus, which is a favorite with the children.

Tel: 0612848391/061-2848111
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri. 8:00-13:00 & 14:00-17:00
Entrance: Free
Location: Opposite the Mercure Hotel in Aviation Road Number 6, within the Ministry of Mines and Energy building, on the ground floor.
NB! Tours are offered on request only, and booking in advance is essential and can be made with the curator (Ms H. Mocke 0612848391)