We are excited to announce the launch of our brand-new City of Windhoek App. Over the past few months, our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to create an intuitive, user-friendly mobile application designed to bring our city services directly to the fingertips of our residents. The app symbolizes our commitment to improving city services and enhancing accessibility for all. We are excited about the new journey we’re embarking on together, and we look forward to celebrating this achievement with you at the launch.


Features and benefit of the app


1. Accounts & Meters:

  • Convenience: Users can easily access their account details and meter readings without needing to visit a physical office or website.
  • Real-time Information: Users can view their account status, usage, and billing information in real-time, providing them with up-to-date insights.


2. Account Statements:

  • Transparency: Users can access their account statements, helping them track their expenditures, payments, and billing history.
  • Record Keeping: Electronic statements can be easily stored or printed for future reference, simplifying record-keeping.



3. Submission of Meter Readings:

  • Accuracy: Users can submit their own meter readings, ensuring accurate billing based on actual usage rather than estimates.
  • Reduced Errors: Manual data entry reduces the chances of errors that might occur when meter readings are transcribed by others.


4. Traffic Fines:

  • Timely Notification: Users receive notifications about any incurred traffic fines, helping them stay aware of their legal obligations.


5. Incident Logging:

  • Efficient Reporting: Users can quickly report incidents, such as service outages, technical issues, or concerns, directly through the app.
  • Streamlined Communication: Incident logging provides a direct channel for users to communicate with customer support or relevant departments, leading to faster issue resolution.


6. Direct Link to Emergency Services Telephone Numbers:

  • Immediate Access: Having emergency service numbers directly accessible in the app allows users to quickly call for help in critical situations.
  • Safety: This feature can potentially save lives by ensuring users have immediate access to emergency services without needing to search for contact information.

Overall, the mobile app with these features enhances user experience, provides convenience, saves time, improves accuracy, and fosters better communication between users and service providers. It also empowers users to manage their accounts and access crucial information or services easily, all within the palm of their hand.


7. Electricity Tokens  

Enable clients to access a history of purchased electricity tokens, providing a record of their transaction history.


8. Notifications  

Enable clients to receive notifications from the City of Windhoek, such as information about water or electricity disruptions, road closures, public meetings, and other relevant updates.


9. Taxi Verification    

Allow clients to inquire about a taxi’s registration status with the City of Windhoek by entering the taxi number.


10. Business Verification     

Allow clients to check the validity of a business in the City of Windhoek by querying the business registration number.


11. Feedback

Facilitate the process for clients to submit feedback to the City of Windhoek, whether it’s general feedback or related to a specific incident that has been logged.


12. Coming features on the app

  • 1. Online payments

  • 2. Pre-paid water & electricity

  • 3. Purchases

  • 4. Online Hall bookings