The City of Windhoek, takes cognizance that in today’s fast globalizing world, cities, towns and villages cannot exist, operate and provide public services in isolation. The Division: External Relations and Networking is therefore tasked with the management of external and international relations of the City of Windhoek.

In specifics the Division is responsible for the following roles:


1. International Relations and City Diplomacy:

  1. i.) Develop, maintain, manage, review and monitor the International Relations and Cooperation Policy.

  2. ii.) Manage and coordinate the City’s diplomacy initiatives, including- sister cities agreements and municipal multilateral relations.

2. Intergovernmental Cooperation and nation building:

  1. i. Enhance effective relationships with government agencies and local authority bodies.

  2. ii. Manage inter-municipal cooperation agreements.

  3. iii) Manage cooperation agreements with other government agencies and institutions.


3. Protocol and ceremonial duties

  1. i.) Provide protocol advise to City Councilor’s, Management and staff members‎‎

  2. ii.)Lead organization of official ceremonies and order of proceedings

  3. iii.) Manage Officials visits and delegations

4. Manage Mayoral Relief Fund and Corporate Social Investment

  1. i.) Manage the City’s Corporate Social Investment Policy

  2. ii.) Provide Financial Administration and Secretariat to the Fund

5. Stakeholders Engagement and Relationship Building

  1. i.) Promote stakeholder relationships and value adding networks

  2. ii.) Create collaborative programs pertaining to international engagements, and stakeholder relationship

  3. iii.) Represent the City at Government initiated and professional meetings as required; with elected and other political jurisdictions

6. Our Contacts:

  1. Mr. Chris Eita | Divisional Manager
  2. Tel: +264 61 2902285 | Email:
  3. Mrs. Monika K. Sheefeni | Coordinator: Intergovernmental Relations
  4. Tel: +264 61 2902006 | Email:
  5. Ms. Ndinelao Munghono | Administrative Officer
  6. Tel: +264 61 2902166 | Email: