List of Steps

1. Obtain a form at a station, fill it in, and hand it in at the station.

2. Now the owner is liable to an annual payment as specified above.


It is a requirement set by law for every resident who owns a dog in a municipal area to have a dog license. This will serve as proof in case of theft/lost or missing dog; the owner may claim ownership through the license and may assist the police easily to identify and arrest the culprit.Annual tax: N$30.00, if the dog is spayed or neutered and certified by a registered veterinary surgeon tax: N$15.00.


Any person keeping a vicious or dangerous dog shall erect, at every entrance to the premises especially residential areas, a notice board with words “passop vir die hond/beware of the dog in legible writing and such notice should be kept legible at all times.


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061 290 3777

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