The Corporate Communication, Marketing and Public Participation division is responsible for promoting, building relations with stakeholders and maintaining a positive image and reputation of the City of Windhoek. The Division also drives the public education and engagement component of the City of Windhoek.


Corporate Communications is responsible for coordinating all communications and public relations activities within the organisation and its stakeholders, building a relationship with the public, producing newsletters, responding to media and public enquiries and managing the city’s website and social media platforms.


The Marketing and Events Management Section is responsible for the promotion of the corporate image of the City of Windhoek as a dynamic and responsible organisation that strives to meet the needs of its residents. It also promotes Windhoek as a residential, investment, tourist and conference destination of choice in order to enhance local economic development. In addition, the Section provides logistical support to the organisation is terms of organising, planning and managing special events and projects for the organisation and locality.


The Public Participation section drives the City’s public participation strategy by ensuring that residents partake in the City’s development agenda. Equally, the section ensures that public opinions are considered in the strategic formulation of the City of Windhoek’s development plans and service delivery. The section is also responsible for the public education and engagement components of the City of Windhoek by coordinating and conducting the establishment of neighbourhood committees and raising awareness and educating residents and stakeholders on council programmes and services.