This structure was constructed in 1909. Otto W. C. Busch (1862–1936) designed the building and was constructed by the Alherens brothers. . The Turnhalle was first utilized as a gymnasium, then as a storage area for the Schutztruppe from 16 August until January 1915. During World War I, this location served as housing for the South African troops. The Turnhalle was sold to the SWA Administration sometime between the end of the 1940s and the start of the 1950s. When representatives of eleven South West African ethnic groups gathered here for the Turnhalle meeting on September 1, 1975, to discuss South West Africa’s independence and related constitutional concerns, the structure garnered notoriety on a global scale. The Turnhalle was initially utilized for international conferences following Namibia’s independence on March 21, 1990, and later the National Council. The SADC Tribunal’s offices and hall are currently located in the Turnhalle. Between Bahnhof Street and Robert Mugabe Avenue is where you’ll find the Turnhalle building.