The Traffic Management Unit is responsible for traffic control in the City including traffic law enforcement activities such as speed and DUI enforcement with the aim of preventing crashes, injuries, and fatalities on Windhoek roads. The Unit is also responsible for the maintenance of all city street signs and road markings. The Unit also participates in special events (parades, funeral processions, VIP escorts, etc.), and conducts other safety-related programs. The Unit uses the following Road Safety Pillars:


Traffic Engineering – Traffic engineering looks at road designs and considers variables such as population, industrial areas, and town growth in order to ensure the safety and efficient flow of traffic. Traffic engineering measures include identifying road safety problem areas and developing solutions to those problems.

Education – This involves developing and implementing road safety programs aimed to inform, educate and raise awareness to all road users so that they can understand the safe and proper way to use roads.

Enforcement – The enforcement activity is aimed at controlling road user behavior by preventative, persuasive and punitive measures to effect the safe and efficient movement of traffic.

Evaluation – Evaluation is essential to establish whether interventions are effective at improving road user safety and can contribute towards the goal of reducing death and injury on our roads. Evaluation is also key to developing evidence-informed practices, and identifying, in advance, the type of interventions that are most likely to be effective.