The City of Windhoek’s Fleet Division has recently made significant strides in transforming its manufacturing capabilities by producing skip containers internally. This innovative approach showcases the division’s capacity and potential to create essential items that were previously outsourced, leading to substantial cost savings and improved service delivery. Under the leadership of Municipal Fleet Manager Israel Kahiurika, the division has successfully completed five containers already, setting a remarkable precedent for future endeavours.


The primary objective behind this internal production initiative is to build trust and foster collaboration among various city departments. By demonstrating its ability to manufacture items that were previously sourced externally, the Fleet Division aims to highlight its competence and reliability. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the city heavily relied on external service providers, resulting in considerable expenses.


Recognizing this as an opportunity for growth, the division decided to leverage its capacity and potential to manufacture these items in-house, effectively reducing costs by nearly half. The five skips were received with appreciation by Fred Koujo, Chief of Solid Waste Management, who also promised to continue supporting the initiatives to expand the municipal workshop’s capacity.