The City of Windhoek 25MW Solar PV Plant Project

In 2017, the Municipal Council of Windhoek approved the City of Windhoek Renewable Energy policy. The policy aims to guide the development of renewable energy and increase its share in the city’s electricity mix. One of the outcomes of this policy is the ongoing 25MW Solar PV project, which is being implemented under the Public-Private-Partnership Act No.4 of 2017.


The 25MW Solar PV project has several benefits for the city. It will diversify the electricity supply and reduce the dependence on NamPower, the national electricity supplier. It will also provide reliable and affordable electricity to the residents. Moreover, it will produce clean energy and help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The project will also boost the local economy and create jobs.


The project is in its final phase of selecting the developer for the 25 MW Solar Plant. The Request for Proposals (RFP) was issued to the shortlisted firms.The detailed projected timeline of the entire projection (from inception to completion is indicated in the table below):


Task Status
RFQ Released Done
RFQ Submission Due Date Done
Evaluation and Shortlisting of Potential IPPs Done
RFP Released to The Potential IPPs 7 August 2023
Meeting with the Shortlisted IPPs October 2023
RFP Submission Due Date 14 November 2023
RFP Evaluation and Selection 18 March 2024
Commencement of Negotiation 19 March 2024
Concluding Contract Award 18 August 2024
Construction Commence 19 August 2024
Practical Completion 18 April 2026