This division is responsible for ensuring that drinking water in Windhoek is safe for human consumption at all times, and that wastewater discharges conform to quality guidelines while implementing and maintaining a quality management system in accordance with international guidelines; providing training and research services to maintain and upgrade the water and wastewater treatment facilities.

Mission statement

To provide professional analytical quality assurance and research service in the water, wastewater and environmental health sector according to national and international guidelines.

Main objective
Provide scientific information for decision making.


• Monitor and assess the quality of drinking water sources, and the water distribution network to assure a safe potable water supply.
• Monitor the wastewater and water treatment plants and provide advice for optimal process performance.
• Conduct applied research for the optimization of existing treatment unit processes and the implementation of new wastewater and water treatment unit processes.
• Advise on treatment plant operation.
• Provide an analytical and advisory service to internal and external clients.
• Conduct health risk-related research in conjunction with other institutions.