Requirements for Service

  1. 1. A-Frame Trailers: Booking application form, Company registration documents (BIPA), A Natis trailer registration disk, Identification documentation
  2. 2. Posters: Booking application form duly completed signed and/or stamped by applicant
  3. 3. Banner: Booking application form indicating the type, purpose and date(s) of event and signed and/or stamped by applicant

List of Steps

  1. 1. Download the booking application form from our website or request for it via email at or Alternately collect a hardcopy from Customer Care Centre Counter No. 4 ‎‎
  2. 2. Submit the completed application via e-mail or hand it in at Customer Care Centre Counter No. 4 at least 14 days before the event and/or display of outdoor advertising material ‎
  3. 3. Once the application is received the City of Windhoek will issue you with a sundry invoice
  4. 4. Pay the applicable application fee at any city of Windhoek cash hall or via EFT
  5. 5. Once payment has been received, you will get a booking approval letter from the City ‎
  6. 6. Outdoor advertising structures may only be erected once the approval letter has been received. ‎


  1. Poster Application Form

  3. Trailer Application Form

Contact Number


061 290 3777

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