Sam Nujoma Avenue and Tal Street are intersected by the Old Brewery (Felsenkeller Brewery), which has been operational since 1901. Karl Bauer (1873–1915), a brewer, had the original building constructed by the construction firm Bauer & Kretschmann for him, and it was dedicated on May 12, 1902. Between 1912 and 1914, the structures underwent alterations and modifications as the demand for beer increased over time. The building was made by Koch and Schultheiss. The brewery once had a spring on the property, but it dried up over time. Since 1920, it has been known as the South African Breweries. It is located in Windhoek’s Northern Industrial Area and is now known as Namibia Breweries. There are now various bars, the Warehouse Theatre, the Wika Museum (Karnevals), and the Arts und Craft Centre.