Requirements for Service

  1. 1. Adhere to the procedures as stated in the application form
  2. 2. Company registration documents, proxy(s)
  3. 3. Identification documentation of lease signatory(s) ‎

List of Steps

  1. 1. Payment of bid document fees, where applicable, and bid submissions are done through the Procurement Management Unit (PMU)‎‎
  2. 2. Advertising and awarding of bids process by the PMU‎
  3. 3. Once the bid is awarded, a lease agreement will be entered into with the City of Windhoek
  4. 4. A lease account will be opened and where applicable an electricity account
  5. 5. Payment of eventuality cover (deposit) and first months’ rent prior to occupation of site and erection of outdoor advertising structure ‎

City of Windhoek advertises Council approved outdoor advertising leasing opportunities, and interested parties bid based on the Public Procurement Act 15 of 2015, as amended and/or exempted by the Minister.

Contact Number


061 290 3777

Email Address