The Environmental Management Section is responsible for overseeing the function of Environment within the Municipal Council of Windhoek. The Section is responsible for promoting environmental sustainability and good environmental governance (this is one of the core functions of any responsible authority in the 21st century). It ensures compliance to local, national and international environmental legislations, conventions and policies. The Section is tasked to protect the environment (natural, social, economic and ecological) from potential detrimental impacts emanating from various operations in the city. In addition, it is also responsible to ensure the realization of a resilient city to withstand the negative impacts of global environmental phenomena such as climate change. Lastly, this Section is responsible for training and awareness for Environment related issues to both the public and Windhoek Municipal officials.
In short the Division is striving for a “GREEN” City in order to attract investments.

In terms of operation, the Section is comprised of four core distinct units namely:


1. Environmental Impact Assessments   This Unit is tasked with:

  1. 1. Undertaking of Environment Impact Assessment studies to source and renew Environment Clearance Certificate, which control, monitors, protect the natural environment (air, soil, water (geohydrology and hydrology), and built environment.

  2. 2. The unit is responsible for the review of the Environment Impact Assessment Studies and related studies for all listed activities that operates within the Windhoek Municipal Council.

  3. 3. The unit is responsible to review all Environment Management Related policies and legislation.

  4. 4. The unit is also responsible for the Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) study for Windhoek Municipality.

2. Environmental Auditing   The Unit is tasked with:

  1. i. Providing specialised environmental advice on various land-use applications, township establishments and projects that impacts the environment. The Unit reviews and provides environmental guidance to applications to ensure environmental protection, compliance to environmental legislations and sustainability of the City. These include rezoning applications, closure of public open spaces or green areas and environmentally sensitive projects. The unit also processes the issuance of environmental clearance exemptions for certain listed activities as delegated by the Environmental Commissioner.

  2. ii. Plan and Conduct Environmental Compliance Audits. The Unit is responsible for coordinating and executing the environmental audits for listed activities operations such as construction of roads, fuel storage facilities, treatment plants, factories, etc. The audits are conducted to ensure compliance to environmental management plans to mention but few.

  3. iii) Noise Control Management and Processing of Sound Broadcasting Permits
    The Unit is also tasked with the administration of Municipal Council of Windhoek Noise Control Regulations. Thus all events that broadcast sound are required to obtain Sound Broadcasting Permits prior to hosting an Event. Together with City Police, the Unit also coordinates the investigation of noise nuisance incidents and recommend for corrective actions. For more information about the Unit, please contact Mr. Mekondjo Shanyengange at 061 290 3529 or Email Address:


3. Natural Resources Management

  1. This unit is responsible to manage the sustainable use of natural resources of mineral and sand mining, forestry products, ecology and biodiversity. It also manages conservation areas within the Windhoek Municipal Boundaries.

4. Climate Change Desk

  1. This unit is responsible for compiling and implementation of the Climate Structure Plan for Windhoek Municipal Council.