The Environmental Engineering Section monitors all activities within the city’s jurisdiction that might pose a threat to the environment. We then carry out remediation actions. We monitor industries whose wastewater ends up at the two wastewater treatment plants namely; Ujams and Gammams Water Care Works. The effluent from these industries is monitored, to ensure that the wastewater parameters, such as Ammonia, Orthophosphate, Chemical Oxygen Demand, and Total Suspended Solids, remains below the design parameters for the respective plants. Each monitored industry is billed according to their pollution load.

The section monitors all wastewater treatment plants within our jurisdiction. In the event that any of the wastewater treatment plants fail, it is the section’s responsibility to carry out an investigation to determine the cause of failure, and in extreme conditions the source or culprit. Being custodians of environment, the section advises and consults on Environmental Impact Assessments, Environmental Management Plans and any other proposals and designs for new upcoming industries and their activities that might pose an environmental hazard.
The section monitors all sources of pollution within the City’s jurisdiction, this includes, but is not limited to, surface and underground water, air and land pollution. The section investigates complaints that relate to possible environmental hazards.
The section conducts inspection of business activities to determine fitness with regard to wastewater handling and discharge as part of the business registration process. Lastly, educational materials relating to environmental protection is disseminated through the environmental engineering section.
The general public can report any sources of pollution to our section and we will attend to it immediately.