Can a transaction be reversed, once a token is issued for a “wrong” meter?
Yes, BUT it require an electrician to go to the “wrong” meter and cancel the issued units. A call-out fee is charged.


Can a token be used on any meter? (Token = number that you punch into a meter for units)
NO, Tokens are meter specific. It is VERY important that the correct meter number is used when you buy units for your meter.


I have damaged appliances after a power cut. How can I claim?
At the City of Windhoek we aim to provide a reliable and continuous supply of electricity. However due to circumstances beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience brief variations in voltage or interruptions from time to time. The City is therefore not liable for any consequential loss, such as appliance damage. This type of damage should be claimed through your own insurance.


Where does City of Windhoek’s network end and the consumer’s service start?
The point of ownership change is the ‘metering point’. This is usually within the property’s boundary. The consumer is responsible for the electrical installation after the metering point. However, the City of Windhoek retains proprietary ownership of cable and metering on consumers premises.

In other developments, property owners may own and as such be fully responsible for cable within the property boundaries. In such cases the City of Windhoek retains proprietary ownership of the metering. Typical examples include town house developments, etc.