The economic development division is further broken down into sections as follows:



1. Research and Information Management:

  • 1. Conducting strategic economic development research and information analysis ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

  • 2. Policy and Strategy facilitation and development e.g., LED Strategy, Public Private Partnership Strategy, Business Development Strategy

  • 3. Overseeing the implementation of Special Projects Policy

  • 4. Providing strategic economic development databases and decision support tools

  • 5. Coordinate economic development information with regional and central government and other strategic information partners




2. Business Development

  • 1. Implementation of Business Development Strategy‎‎

  • 2. Proactive support given to priority economic sectors in which Windhoek possesses a competitive advantage and which have employment growth potential.

  • 3. Facilitate partnerships between public and private sector

  • 4. Liaise with the private sector on Council services within business areas e.g. Central Business District (CBD) Revitalization Committe

  • 5. Ensure that business areas are dynamic and sustainable through business retention, attraction and expansion. ‎‎

  • 6. Promote the city nationally, regionally and internationally through the provision of investment promotion incentives.

  • 7. Provide investor after care services‎‎.

  • 8. Lease out Municipal commercial properties (improved)

  • 9. Regulate outdoor advertising (Outdoor Advertising Policy & Regulations)








3. Small and Medium Enterprise Development and Promotion

Business Support

a) The support for activities and programmes that facilitate the growth of new and existing SME’s in order to create wealth and sustainable jobs.
b) Small Business Information Centre (Soweto Market) providing access to IT and information ‎‎



Business Development & Job Creation projects

Creating opportunities for small businesses by developing the infrastructure to support business activities:

a) Industrial stalls
b) Katutura; Khomasdal; Wanaheda & Menarovandu
c) Entrepreneurial Centre (previously known as SME-Incubation Centre) ‎‎


Business Training and Youth Development

a) Business skills training
b) Mentorship
c) Business counselling
d) IT Training (Oshetu Market)
e) Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy



4. Micro Entrepreneurial Development

Manage Informal trading
a) Implementation of Informal Trading Regulations
b) Management of Trading areas and Markets


Job & Wealth Creation projects:
a) Creating opportunities for small businesses by developing the infrastructure to support business activities