Batswana (the plural of “Motswana”) are the smallest population group in Namibia, with approximately…

The Hereros/ Himbas

The Hereros and Himbas originated from East Africa, entering Namibia via Zambia and southern Angola.


The Owambo are the largest ethnic group in Namibia. They are originally from the area north of the Etosha


The Damaras are the oldest ethnic group in Namibia, numbering an estimated 90 000. They are generally

The San

The San people, also known as the Bushmen, are regarded as the earliest inhabitants of Namibia; today


Caprivians live in the north-eastern part of Namibia which borders Zambia, Botswana and Angola.


The Basters are mainly a combination of indigenous Khoisan people and white European settlers.


Coloured are people from a mixed racial and cultural background. They are mainly Afrikaans speaking.

The Whites

There are about 75 000 white Namibians. Many of them are descendants of Europeans who came…