Windhoek Councillor Magdalena Lombardt, a dedicated community activist, is a member of the Municipal Council of Windhoek representing the South West African People’s Organization (SWAPO) Party. In 2023, she served as Deputy Mayor of Windhoek. She also holds the position of Information and Mobilization Officer for the party in the Katutura Central Constituency.


In addition to her role as member of Council, Cllr Lombardt is involved in various committees, including the Councillor’s Advisory Committee on Formalisation of Informal Settlements & the Integration of Groot-Aub, the Council Advisory Committee on External Relations, Mayoral Affairs & Co-operation, and the Economic Development, Public Safety & Citizens Welfare Committee.


Beyond her political responsibilities, Cllr Lombardt actively participates in community development initiatives in the Katutura Central Constituency. She cherishes family time and engages in storytelling with her children, showcasing her commitment as a family-oriented individual. As a resident of Windhoek with roots in Leonardville, she dedicates herself to community affairs and derives joy from watching football with her loved ones. Councillor Lombardt possesses a strong passion for singing, which enables her to connect with various aspects of her life. Notably, she holds the esteemed “Golden Walk” distinction as the sole woman in Windhoek. She greatly admires her husband, Mr. Ludwig Lombardt, for accepting her unconditionally.


In terms of education, Cllr. Lombardt completed Grade 10 (Form 3). Her interpersonal skills contribute significantly to her professional aptitude. A notable accomplishment is her pioneering effort in establishing the “Khoekhoegowab Adult Literature” program under which she served as the first community teacher in Central Katutura. Currently, Councillor Lombardt dedicates her full-time commitment to her role as a Windhoek Councillor and does not engage in any other employment outside the Council. However, she has previously worked as a Pre-Primary School Teacher at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Pre-Primary School and as a Cleaning Supervisor at the Ministry of Health and Social Service.


Her plans for the city include initiatives such as providing prepaid water and electricity meters to pensioners and vulnerable individuals, as well as advocating for the clearance of pensioners’ debts. She identifies urbanization and youth unemployment as major challenges facing Windhoek and emphasizes the need for a comprehensive masterplan and spatial development framework to address urbanization. Additionally, she believes in promoting self-employment through business forums and start-up grants to effectively tackle youth unemployment in Windhoek.