Councillor Joseph Uaraa Uapingene is the current Deputy Mayor of the City of Windhoek. He was born and raised in Okakarara, a town in Otjozondjupa Region. Cllr. Uapingene’s unwavering passion lies in fostering an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity within his community. Notably, he possesses exceptional skills in active listening and synthesizing information to achieve common goals. He draws inspiration from apartheid icon and former South African President the late Nelson Mandela, recognising him as a visionary leader who embraced the concept of reconciliation as a catalyst for development and stability.


In addition to his role as Windhoek Deputy Mayor, Cllr. Uapingene serves as the Deputy Secretary General of the National Unity Democratic Organisation (NUDO) Party, a political party that he represents on the City of Windhoek Council. This prominent position highlights his exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering commitment to public service.


Regarding his professional background, Cllr. Uapingene currently holds the position of Chief Accountant at the Ministry of Works and Transport on a full-time basis. His impressive career trajectory encompasses a series of notable job titles, including Assistant Accountant, Accountant, Senior Accountant at the Ministry of Works and Transport, and Administrator / Transport Officer at the Ministry of Health and Social Services. His passion for effective people management and meticulous financial stewardship has propelled him toward a highly successful career in the field.


Drawing upon his extensive experience and unwavering professionalism, Cllr. Uapingene approaches his role as Mayor with a resolute sense of purpose. His primary objective for the City of Windhoek is to allocate land to residents in informal settlements, thus providing them with the invaluable opportunity to acquire their own homes. This noble goal resonates deeply with the ideals and aspirations of the fight for independence. However, he remains cognizant of the considerable challenges posed by limited funds, bureaucratic processes, and outdated acts and policies. By diligently addressing these issues, he seeks to propel Windhoek forward, ensuring enduring progress and comprehensive development for all its residents.


While skilfully balancing the demands of his responsibilities at the Windhoek Municipal Council and Chief Accountant position, Cllr. Uapingene remains steadfast in his role as a devoted family man. He is happily married to his wife Stephany, and together, they proudly raise four children. During his cherished moments of leisure, he delights in quality family time and finds great satisfaction in watching football games, lending his support to both local and Namibian football teams.