Windhoek Councillor Austin K. Kwenani is a dedicated and visionary person with a passion for serving the community of Windhoek. Hailing from the Zambezi Region, Kwenani’s diverse interests include reading, writing, traveling, photography, and design. He holds a Diploma in Logistics from the Labour Resource and Research Institute (LARRI) and is currently pursuing a B-Tech in Marketing. With a wealth of experience, Austin has previously held roles as Chief Control Officer at the Ministry of Health and Social Services and as a Control Officer at the Khomas Regional Council.


As Windhoek Councillor, Cll Kwenani brings strategic leadership, decision-making skills, and a keen eye for photography and design to the table. His ambitious plans for the City of Windhoek include fostering sustainable development, enhancing public services, and creating opportunities for the youth. He is determined to tackle the city’s greatest challenges, working towards resolving them effectively for the betterment of the community. With his dedication and expertise, Cllr Kwenani is committed to making Windhoek a thriving and vibrant city for all its residents.