Since 1894, education has been accessible in Windhoek. In Klein Windhoek, the first German school was built in 1910. But this quickly outgrew its space, necessitating the construction of a new school structure. The winning entry in a competition was the architect Willi Sander (1860–1930), who created the blueprints for the new school that would be built on Peter Muller Street (now Fidel Castro Street). The Volksschule, a stunningly designed building, was created thanks to the construction company Sander and Kock, who won the contract for the project. There were eight huge classrooms in the wings. It later served as a secondary school before becoming a public school on March 1st, 1915. Following that, it changed its name to the Orban school, which was given that name in October 1946 in honor of W. Orban, the then-director of education. The structure was successively occupied by the German public school Deutsche Schule Windhoek and the Academy for Tertiary Education. This building now houses the Namibian College of Arts, formerly known as Conservatoire.