What are by-laws?
Municipal by-laws are public regulatory laws which apply in a specific municipal area. A local council or municipal government gets its power to pass laws through a law of the national or regional government which specifies what things the town or city may regulate through by-laws. It is therefore a form of delegated legislation within its jurisdiction and specific to those areas mandated by the higher body.


What are the regulations of the City Police when it comes to dogs in residential areas?
Any person keeping a vicious or dangerous dog shall erect at every entrance to the premises especially residential areas a notice board with words “beware of the dog/passop vir die hond” in legible writing and such notice should be kept legible all the time. It may be translated into other local spoken languages as long as it is accompanied by the English “Beware of the Dog”


What are the procedures of having a dog’s license?
The owner must apply on a prescribed form and pay the annual tax for any dog or bitch as stipulated under Section 3 of the Dog Tax Ordinance (Ordinance 13 of 1967) by providing the name, identity document, residential address, description of the dog and its sex. This shall serve as the only proof that the tax in respect of the particular municipal area has been paid.


ANS: In addition, By the order of City of Windhoek Council since the 1 of January 2000, the annual tax for any dog is N$30.00, if the dog is spayed and certified by a registered veterinary surgeon the amount of dog tax will be N$15.00.


Why it is important to have a dog licensed and what does it mean?
It is a requirement set by law for everyone to license /pay a dog tax for the purpose of this regulation for any person who owns a dog in a municipal area. This will serve as proof in case of theft/lost or missing dog; the owner may claim ownership through the license and may assist the police easily to identify and arrest the culprit.