The need for a database of formal businesses within the city of Windhoek was identified during the compilation of the Local Economic Development Strategy (LED Strategy). The Division of Economic Development within the Department of Economic Development and Community Services was tasked to compile a business inventory in order to be able to do sector analysis, workforce analysis and also to have an update on the variation within the same sectors, as well the identification of highly required businesses within certain sectors. This exercise also gave the City of Windhoek the opportunity to record the difficulties experienced by business owners and at the same time giving them the chance to air their views regarding economic empowerment and upliftment within the city of Windhoek.



This is not a once-off exercise and needs to be done regularly with consistent survey periods for the sake of comparison. The main objective of the Business Inventory is to compile a list of the formal businesses within the city of Windhoek in order to address possible needs within certain areas of development and to make sure that development is in line with the capacity of the city.

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