1. 1. Bid invitations for all open bids (including of informal bids) in respect products or services as preferred by the subscriber.
  2. 2. Quarterly information on all existing contracts and their expiry dates.
  3. 3. Projections of annual inventory consumption on products as preferred by the subscriber.
  4. 4. Lists of all possible projects scheduled for a period of one accounting year.

Who Should Subscribe?

  1. All prospective bidders ‎‎

Subscription period

  1. 08-08-2021 → 07-08-2022‎‎

Service Period

  1. 08-08-2021 → 07-08-2022


The Online Bid Service is another commitment from the City of Windhoek, aiming at the provision of timely information to the suppliers on the product and service needs within the City. The purpose of information is to enable suppliers mapping out their supply strategies and mobilize the necessary resources at early stage.

Contact Number


061 290 3777

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