Requirements for Service

1. Any resident living within the municipal boundary of Windhoek can call the emergency number.

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Residents must call our 24/7 emergency line 061211111 for ambulance, fire and rescue response services

Additional Information

Fire Safety Tips
1. Veld fires
• Always have pre-burn and clear fire lines on farm land.
• Clear at least 3 meter from your boundary into the open space or riverbed.
• Do not make fires in the open field especial when the vegetation id too dry.

2. House fires
• Recheck your wirings if you live in an old house
• Always clean the fire place, off bird nests, leaves and any other ignitable contents.
• Get approval for plans to install a fire place and get a competent person to install it as per the approved specifications.
• If a fire breaks out always call the fire service 061-211111, get out and stay out

3. Informal Dwellings
• Call the fire service for all fire no matter how small
• Avoid making open fires and leaving them unattended.
• Always leave space between your dwelling and the next (at least three meters)
• Make sure there is enough drive way for the fire truck to reach your place if it catches fire.

4. Vehicle fires
• Always following the fire safety tips at fuelling stations
• Avoid smoking in the car
• Always have an operational fire extinguisher in your vehicle.

Contact Number


061 290 3777

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