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What is property rates?

  • taxes on the ownership of property (land and buildings)
  • based on the market value of the property

Property rates are levies paid by all property owners including commercial, business, industrial, and residential and government.

Property rates are based on the municipal value of your property. The charges differ from area to area due to the value of the property.

Your rates account shows the amount that you need to pay on a monthly basis.

Note: Before buying a house/ sectional title/Body corporate, ensures that all service charges on the property are paid in full.

Who should pay property rates?

Property rates are paid by all owners of the properties, including industrial, residential, businesses and government.

Why is my rates account and values so high?

Property rates are calculated based on the municipal value of your property, the more the value the higher the charge.

How is rates calculated?

Property rates are calculated based on the municipal value of your property. This means that the charges differ from property to property. The municipal value of your property is worked out by considering the municipal value of property, which includes land and improvements.

Tariff formula:

Site Value x tariff

Improvement value x tariff

These values will be obtained on your monthly statements

What is waste management and why should we pay for it?

It is a compulsory the charge which covers the cost of waste management services rendered such as:

  • The provision of waste disposal sites.
  • The sweeping of the streets.
  • The cleaning of public and open spaces.
  • Rivers beds and
  • Removal of illegally dumped refuse.
  • Waste education programmes and clean up campaigns that the City might want to undertake.

How is waste management calculated?

Waste Management is calculated based on the municipal value of your property. This means that the charges differ from property to property. The municipal value of your property is worked out by considering the total value of your property including land and improvements.
Tariff formula:
Site Value + Improvement value x tariff x 15% vat

If i am renting my property out, who should pay for  sewer and refuse removal services?

  • Property owners are responsible for both sewer and refuse services regardless whether staying or renting out the property.

If i have sold my property, what should i do not to receive the rates account bill?

  • The City is receiving a Deeds office return from the Deeds office on monthly basis and based on that your services will be automatically terminated and the new owner will be connected.
  • Alternatively to speed up the process you can provide us with the Title Deed document which you receive from the attorneys/lawyer.

Who qualifies for being exempted from paying rates and taxes?

There are two groups of properties which do qualify for exemptions:

  • Those properties which are non-rateable by definition as defined in the Local Authorities Act, 1992.
  • Properties which may qualify for exemption from the payment of assessment rates upon submitting an application to Council before 31 May of each year.

I have a vacant erf but i am charged for electricity and water, why?

Every property owner regardless whether it is a vacant property or not, need to be charged for water and electricity availability. This is for the fact that the municipality has made the services available and it is for you to just connect for them. It also serves to maintain the infrastructure.

Why do sewerage charges fluctuate from month to month?

The sewer which fluctuates month to month is only applicable to Businesses, because they are charged based on the water consumption for period.

What numbers must I phone for rates related queries?

061 290 2644 - Lorna Louw
061290 2220 - Stella Gaeses
061290 2483 - Kuwabo Shivolo
061290 2021 - Aletha Kukuri
061290 2487 - Ruth Nangolo

What is the e-mail address i must send my rates related queries to?

rates.Taxes at

Why should i pay for vat on services as a domestic client?

Household owners need to pay for VAT on services only if they applied for Business consent on their properties and;
All property owners regardless of their land usage and zoning are compelled to pay VAT on waste management.

Why don`t i receive my own rates account if my house is in a body corporate?

The City responsibility is to send an account to the owner and in this case the owner is the Body Corporate. According to the Sectional Title Act it is expected that the Body Corporate must administer its own accounts. Whoever is managing the Body Corporate will receive the account.

Why doesn`t the city of windhoek reconcile body corporate rates account if it is in arrears.

As per Sectional Title Act it is the responsibility of the Body Corporate to reconcile and administer its own accounts

Why am i not receiving any rates account?

The reason might be that:

  • No new postal address for the new owner was provided
  • The City is provided with a wrong postal address.

Who is responsible to calculate propotions if i own a unit which is registered in a body corporate/sectional title?

The City is not responsible for the proportional calculation, but owners of the Body Corporate themselves. The owners must use the participation quotas to do the calculation as indicated on their Title Deed.

How will i know that the house i am buying is registered in a body corporate/sectional title?

  • Enquire from the Estate Agent
  • From the Dees Office
  • Municipality can also provide you with the said information upon Enquiry

Why does the city of windhoek back charge services?

  • Prescription Act 68 of 1969 allows to back charges for up to 30 years for rates and taxes.
  • When notification for change was only received at a later stage by Billing Division.

What is the difference between residential & business sewerage charges?

  • Residential sewer is calculated based on the size of the erf
  • Business sewer is charged based on units of water consumed for period.

Why should i pay building clause?

When land is bought there is a condition attached for the property to be developed within a specific time span. Within two years a penalty charge in the form of a building clause is levied if no development has taken place.

When should i stop paying rates & taxes?

Stop paying rates & taxes as soon as the property is registered on the new owner at the Deeds Office.

Should i inform city of windhoek when i acquire a property that is registered in a close corporation (cc)?

Yes, to enable the City to change the address accordingly on time and avoid sending the bill to the previous owner.

Who is responsible for completing the certificate of completion when a structure/addition to a structure is completed?

Contact Building Control Division at our Customer Care Centre at Town House.

Should i make any payments on an account that is not in my name?

No, if you acquire a property and the rates are not yet transferred in your name please contact the Rates Section to find out how much your average monthly rates will be. Preferably pay the amount in your water and electricity account to avoid a high account when notification is received from the Deeds Office.

When an erf has been consolidated/subdivided what process must i follow to ensure that i receive my account?

1st Contact our Geometric section to verify whether the erf is on map guide.
2nd Request Town planning to create erf on system.
3rd Request Valuation Division to insert values.
4th Request Properties Division to insert ownership
5th Request Billing Division to provide account

Why is my street address wrong?

Our Town Planning is responsible for street names.

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